Some workers during construction found a small black purse while dragging out cabinets of the old science room. It happened in January of 2019. The purse was tiny and small. Construction workers could not understand what to do with it so they gave it to the authority. On further inspection, it was revealed that the purse was 7 decades old. And the content of the purse sparked curiosity among the people who heard about. Why was it so?Read on to find out.

Old Purse

The purse looked the most ordinary ones. It had a lot of stuff cramped inside it that gave an idea of how the people in those time used to stay. The purse consisted of an old tissue that had a coral-colored lip stain on it, lipstick, compact, and a pin. The purse also held a Juicy Fruit gum. This was not it, there were a Jefferson High School 1953-54 basketball team’s old bus schedule and fixture listing.