Kevin Huntington is a construction worker by profession. He is a tall man with a tough physique who loves to make new friends. He was an ordinary man leading an ordinary life until something very unusual happened with him while working on the Interstate 95 highway in Henrico County, Virginia.

The day started normally. He came to work on his usual time and was doing his routine work when he saw a car speeding down the highway. He wondered if the man behind the wheel was mentally stable as the speed was very high. He hardly had directed his attention back to his work when he, from the corner of his eye, saw the door of the car being opened. He turned towards the car only to see an 18-year-old girl jumping out of it. Strangely enough, the woman raced towards the construction worker and pleaded him to call 911.

Usual Day

The man was doing his usual work when he saw something unusual. He saw a car prying at an unsafe speed. The car was moving uncontrollably. It really angered him as the road had seen a lot of accidents because of rash driving. But then one of the doors opened and something tumbled off the car. 


Kevin in his 30s was a very hardworking man. He was one of those people who take their work very seriously. It is important to point here that the man had received lots of appreciation for his hard work. But none of his colleagues knew a side of him that was going to come out that particular day. 

Tired But Still Working

Kevin was feeling tired that particular day. Working all day long on Virginia’s heavily trafficked I-95 is not a  piece of cake. He wanted to take a day off and spend some quality time with his family but the workload did not allow him that. Life of a construction worker is not an easy one. 

Not The Same

You can never guess what is going on inside a person’s mind. Kevin who has always steered away from any kind of arguments was going to do something unexpected. He was all prepared for the work of the day but not for the situation that was going to present itself before him.

Rising Early

There was nothing unusual about the day. It was a sunny day. The construction workers used to start their work early as that was more convenient. Traffic in the morning used to be comparatively less. He had planned on wrapping up his work early so that he could spend some time with his family. 

Work Begins

He reached the construction site on his usual time. He resumed his work not knowing this day was going to be etched in his mind forever. There were only two people present on the site, Kevin and his colleague. They were busy with their work when they heard a loud ear-piercing noise.