It all happened on a roof of Brooklyn. Kyle, a comedian was enjoying some “me time” on his apartment’s roof. Even though it was teeth-clattering cold, he enjoyed the wind. The man was all lost in his thoughts when he heard a noise. He was not alone on the roof, there was a couple too. The couple was fighting. Kyle overheard their fight and got an idea. He had no intention of making fun of the feelings of the couple fighting on the roof. But at the same time, he could not resist his urge to sharing their conversation with the world. Almost all breakups are painful and difficult to handle. Even though eavesdropping is a bad manner, he could not help but listen to this typical yet funny break-up argument.

It Begins

He started the tweet by stating,  “A couple is breaking up on my roof right now. I was tryin’ to enjoy the view. Now I will live-tweet the breakup. #roofbreakup” Kyle was on the roof for some while before the couple emerged to the scene. He was actually enjoying the scene when they started their fight.