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There have been many sorts of sea creatures that have been identified but there are still some of those that are still lurking in the depths of the water waiting to be identified. However, only some of them have come to fishermen’s notice. The main reason for that is their negligence towards the type of fish.

Fishermen’s Routine

A usual day for Zhoushan fisherman starts with an expedition in waters and ends with a great catch by the end of the day. This is what the two fishermen would have thought before going to the waters. All they might have expected would have been just a tasty meal but they didn’t know what awaited them or should I say “Who” awaited them.

Fishermen’s Nightmare

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There are very few creatures who can scare off fishermen. Amongst which a crocodile would take one of the top spots. Fishermen are usually really scared of the croc as it is not an animal to be trusted. Crocs are one of the few creatures that fishermen really like to avoid.


Crocodiles are one of the most dangerous semiaquatic reptiles. They are well known for their attacking abilities on the ground or even in the waters. Crocs are one of the most deadly predators and mostly each and every species of them are identified. But there are still some species that remain to be unidentified.

A Usual Day

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When Zhoushan fishermen made their way on the waters they thought of it as a pretty normal day until one of the fishermen spotted something really unusual. They spotted something odd and something really terrifying. One of them was sure that he had spotted a crocodile and they started to panic.

Something’s Beneath Us

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Although crocodiles weren’t common in that waters and it was a known fact that once in a while you may come across these predators. On listening to this, his companion, the other fisherman, also got frightened and started to try and identify whether it was a crocodile or some other sea creature that was surrounding them.