Many sports photographers will use a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera that has high continuous shooting speeds, as well as interchangeable lenses, in order to keep up with the depth and pace of the game. Furthermore, many implore the use of a tripod to keep their camera steady. However, it is not uncommon to also see photographers sitting or even laying on the ground to get the perfect shot. Today, we’re going to see some breathtaking sports pictures.

It’s Too Easy

Check Out These Perfectly Timed Sports Photos

Okay, so there’s “making it look easy,” and then there’s being so underwhelmed by pole vaulting 12 feet into the air that you literally yawn while you do it. They say that you yawn not necessarily when you’re tired, but more so when you’re feeling relaxed. In that case, this talented athlete feels completely at ease as she uses a flexible pole to launch herself a dozen feet into the air in front of spectators, teammates, and coaches! Wow. This is a very impressive photo.

Turbulent Tag

Playing the position of the catcher can be very dangerous, especially in the World Series. That when things are at their most heated. In order to tag home plate, players on third base can run into and try to knock the ball out of the catcher’s hand. This photo was snapped during the first game of the World Series in 1991. Despite being tossed upside down, the catcher was able to hang onto the ball. This probably had a lot to do with the intensity of making the catch.

Hard Headed

It may take you a moment to realize what you are looking at, but this is a photo of Pittsburgh Steeler Antwaan Randle El, in 2003. His head is being turned almost all the way around as a player from the other team grips onto his facemask. The player was called for the penalty. Luckily, Antwaan was not seriously injured. That fact itself is a miracle seeing as he was completely stretched out in a manner that looks in no way normal for the human body.

Synchronized Hurdling

This perfectly timed sports photo has it all. It not only gives you an idea of the speed, timing, and agility required to be an elite hurdler, but it also shows you the sheer concentration needed to succeed in the event. Not only that, but this photo makes you really, really wonder which of these two fast women ended up actually winning the race! In this case, I think it depends on who has the longest leg or arm. I think the girl in the back might have won.

Balling With Flair

This isn’t something that we’d expect to see on the court. Basketball is a sport that requires a lot of grace and athleticism but also has a macho attitude to it that allows players to strut around the court like they’re hot stuff. It’s great when a photo like this comes out, showing that even supposedly tough basketball players can look rather gentle and graceful at times. What was the New York Knicks player doing here? Your guess is as good as ours.

Getting Her Fish Face Ready

Check Out These Perfectly Timed Sports Photos

Most fish don’t do a lot of diving, but this diver looks like she is getting into character before she hits the water by putting on her best fish face, nonetheless. What’s funny is that divers are subjected to unbelievable scrutiny about everything they do with their bodies. Move a leg too far one way or arch your back too much and there goes your gold medal. However, your facial expressions aren’t judged; which is great for this enthusiastic diver. If they were she’d definitely be out of the competition.