What would you do in a situation where you find yourself looking at something strange or something which just pops out from nowhere in front of you? You have no idea what it is. So, what are you going to do about that? Some would say, they will check and inspect it before leaving the place and some would say that they wouldn’t even dare and run from there. So, what’s this story about? One night at the fuel station people saw something really strange lurking in the area. Whoever saw it had no idea what they were looking at. Let’s see what it was.

Caught On The Camera

Closed-circuit television is installed to keep the people and the area safe. They keep a look at the potential thieves or other harmful criminals. However, once in a while, the surveillance camera captures something out of the blue that can easily scare the “you know’ out of you. The same happened at the fuel station when the camera caught something really mysterious. What did it capture you’ll find out soon…

What’s That?

It was night and there were no frequent visitors at the fuel station. The night was young and bold. The CCTV camera has become a must at every public place nowadays. But who could have thought that one night would change everything for the few people who saw what they saw at the fuel station would become their worst nightmare? They couldn’t believe what they saw.

Fuel Station

You might have seen that in most of the fuel stations there is a shop where you can go and buy stuff for yourself. The guy who was working there thought that nothing can happen now as it was night and in his life he hasn’t experienced anything strange in the night. But that changed that night. The guy had no idea what he should do. But he had to do something, anything. He knew that if that event wouldn’t have caught on the CCTV there was no way any sane person would believe what happened that night with him at the fuel station.

Usual Night

People came and refilled their vehicle at the fuel station. Some even stopped at the store to buy some eatables from him. He had the habit of keeping an eye on everything, mostly during the night time when it becomes hard to see what’s going on outside. One car stopped at the fuel station, but there was nothing suspicious about it. What else can you expect at the fuel station to happen? But the problem was that the car didn’t move and stayed at the fuel station for a very long time. The driver of the car was nowhere to be seen. Where is the driver?

The Driver Mystery

The driver of the car who stopped at the fuel refilling point was filling his car when he saw something there. The owner of the shop at the fuel station didn’t pay much attention to the driver as there was nothing suspicious about him. A middle-aged man with a hat on his head was filling his car and that feed was clearly visible to the owner. He saw that from the CCTV feed on his counter. But then the next moment the driver was not there. The owner thought he might have gone to the washroom. He didn’t go the washroom but was hiding. But why?

The Store Owner

The store owner did see a guy in a hat refueling his car at the fuel station, but the next moment the guy with a hat wasn’t there. The owner thought he might have gone to the washroom, but things started to worry him when the driver didn’t come back for a very long time. The owner then decided to check the washroom only to meet his first surprise of the night.