Massive Crowd

It was around noon now, the crowd has not stopped pouring in through the front door since the morning. They were busy collecting up on items for their houses, parties, gifts, dinner, etc. Sarah’s hands were busy scanning QR codes and billing items. It was important to keep your cool in these situations, and, after all this time, Sarah had mastered the art.

Last Day

The only thing that was getting her through the day was that today is the last day of all the hustle and crazy shoppers. It was the peak of the holiday season now and when the store reopens after Christmas, things would have settled down a bit.

The Celebration

Sarah had an amazing time celebrating Christmas with her family. It had been months since she had spent time with her family and it was a nice change of pace. When she was ready to leave, her brother surprised her by gifting her a camera. He encouraged her to pursue her hobby. She promised she will consider it sincerely but for now, it was time to go back.

Back To Work

Sarah was back at the store after a much-needed break. The best part was that the peak season was now over. She was happy they had managed to achieve their targets for the holiday season without facing any trouble and emergencies. And now things will move at a more relaxed pace which makes helping customers an easier task.

The Leftovers

Once the peak season is over, there are a bunch of unsold Christmas goods and items left at the store. These leftovers are sold with huge discounts. This means those who are interested can do next year’s shopping well in advance at these rates. Sarah’s store had a flat 50% discount on the leftover Christmas decorations.

Calm Before The Storm

Sarah was enjoying a laid back day at work. No crowds, no hustle, the buzzing in her head had subsided. She missed calm days like these because for the past three months she had only had busy days every day of work. Little did she know, this day is about to endure a drastic change.