They say one should never fall but what if falling would lead you to new heights?. Ironically, Falling in love makes you fly high. This is perhaps the only feeling in the world that trains you to be strong yet leaves a part of you vulnerable. It fills you with all kind of emotions yet leaves a part of you numb and untouched. Who can understand all this better than Barbara and Harold who committed their lives to each other many years ago? The love birds Barbara, 88 and Harold Longley, 92 stood by their promise of staying together till death do them apart. But what is a love story without any twist and turns? Barbara and Harold’s smooth running love story hit a rock when Barbara hired a caregiver to assist Harold in his regular activities.

Love Birds

The Youngsters will call it their Couple goals. Just the way wine gets better with time, their affection for each other only intensified. People wowed at their amazing chemistry and caring for each other. Even though they had gotten old and weak still they were strong competition for any young couples. Barbara always stood up on her toe whenever Harold needed help. As both had grown old all they had was each other.   

Looking For Care

The couple resided in Sterling, a small town in Cayuga County in upstate New York. Barbara tried her best until she was capable of. As the woman herself was growing old it becomes difficult for her to take care of her ailing husband. Now she needed help. It was the early half of 2017 and she was searching for help for his disabled husband.  

Old But Still Young

Harold is 92 years old and Barbara is in her 80s. She needed someone who could put up with Harold’s temperament and would understand his need even before he speaks. Harold did not like people nosing in their personal lives so Barbara had to persuade him too. However, the man observing their current condition agreed. But was it a wise decision?

Someone In Close

Barbara was looking for a caretaker who could look after Harold for at least for two hours every day and she needed someone from the same area only. Though it was difficult to find someone from the nearby area she kept trying. Barbara needed someone who could come to assist in a minute in time of help and that is the only reason why she wanted someone from the nearby area.   

Not Good

Harold was not in good condition. The man had already was hit by two strokes and one more would put his life in danger. Strokes had deprived him of the ability to do regular activities. In fact, the man had difficulty breathing. Along with that, he could not eat or stroll around the house on his own. The requirement of a health care professional was the utmost right now. 

Here Came Help

After lots of searching Barbara and Harold hired Jenna Boyle, a 23-year-old girl. The woman originally belonged to Pennsylvania and had relocated to New York a few months ago only. At the time of her interview, the woman was in the middle of her studies in health care. She wanted to work in that field and so she grabbed the opportunity at once when offered.