Getting married is not just exciting The joy this day brings is also accompanied by a lot of work and stress. This is one of the most important days in any person’s life. The to-be groom and the to-be bride have a long list of things they want in particular on their wedding day. While one prepares for their The-Day before months, the hustle goes on till the last day. And not to forget, it is our friends who come to the rescue in such a situation.

When everyone would talk about the obsession a bride has with her bridesmaids, this bride would ask her own sister to stay away from being the bridesmaid and even remain absent on her wedding day. This was totally strange and hard to believe. Why would a sister do something this cruel to her own sister?

Quite Weird

When she heard that her own sister had asked her to stay away from her wedding, she was heart-broken. She felt deeply saddened and what worsened the situation more was the reason due to which she had asked her to not be a part of her big day. All she had to say was, “How could you just do this?”

Tears Rolling

The elder sister felt betrayed. She couldn’t stop crying. Since the day her younger sister was born, she had loved her like her baby. And getting to see her walk the aisle was something she had always dreamt of. What went so wrong between them that made her younger sister take a decision like this?

The Unexpected

While the younger sister thought that she made one of the wisest decision in her life by not letting her blood-sister attend the ceremony, soon only the aftermath that followed changed the whole dynamics of the situation. The unexpected things kept on unfolding in an unexpected manner. It was utter chaos and a lot of lives were affected.

The Sisters

Samara and Jane(names changed) were sisters residing with their parents in the United States. Samara was three years older than Jane. Samara had always loved Jane unconditionally. When siblings often have a stage where they develop a rivalry, these sisters were different. So when years later Jane made a decision to not let Samara attend her wedding it came as a blow to their parents as well.

Each Other’s Shadow

It won’t be wrong to say that Jane and Samara were each other’s shadow. Wherever Samara would go, Jane would blindly follow. In each other, they found a friend, a partner in crime, a companion. They were inseparable sisters who couldn’t imagine their lives without each other. Their parents were delighted to see them growing like that.

Putting Hands On Same

Jane and Samara had this weird yet adorable habit of laying their hands on the same stuff. Whether be it dresses, handbags, books or anything for that matter, they had the same choice. Their parents would often crack a joke saying that god forbid these sisters don’t put their hands on the same man to marry.