Fairytale Venue

Since everyone was so thrilled to see the lovebirds getting hitched, Kobie and Skyler decided on the best of everything they could afford. They bought the suit and dress of their choice and even the decorations for the wedding was beautiful. And so, the two wanted to have the perfect venue to get married in. They decided on Belle Vue in Tyler, Texas.

With A Price

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And so since this was such a sought after venue, it came with a price. Because it was for a wedding which means a few extra touches, the price for just one night escalated to a whopping $3,500. But since they knew this was the perfect spot, the couple paid with absolutely no regrets. Belle Vue was the place everyone agreed, the perfect venue for Kobie and Skylar.


And so as the wedding day approached, the couple got done with most of the planning. They now had the perfect venue secured, her wedding gown had been selected, alterations were done, invitations had been sent out and caterers booked. So Kobie still went to be with a heavy heart that night. She could not sleep and kept staring at the ceiling.

Uncertain Bride

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And so, after only one week left, Kobie would finally stand at the altar to say her “I do”. She would be officially married to the man she loved the most. It would be the day that marks the union of these two lovers who had made it to a point in their lives where they were ready to settle down. But there was still something, a sense of sorrow deep inside for the bride-to-be…

Making Her Choice

And so since she did not have a good night’s sleep, the following morning, Kobie was drained. She was so exhausted. After tossing and turning the whole night, Kobie woke up feeling tired and unhappy. She had realized and come to a point where she could not ignore the fact that something was wrong. It was a feeling she could not shake off.

A Sad Meal

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And since Kobie woke up after such a bad night, it showed on her face. And even Skylar started to feel the anxiety coming from her when they sat across each other at the breakfast table. She had red and puffy eyes, and she seemed weak and looked a mess. She did not even take a single bite from her meal. She then looked up and told him something shocking…