Something Wrong

And for weeks both of them and all of their family members have been planning every detail to make their wedding a huge celebration. They had already spent such a huge amount for this day but for some reason, the bride-to-be did not feel right. “We need to talk,” Kobie told Skylar. He could tell from her eyes and the way she behaved that it was not something positive.

Shattered Dreams

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And as they were sitting opposite each other at the breakfast table, Skylar could see it clearly written on her face that his dreams were about to be shattered. He did not expect his world to fall apart but it was about to happen. The tears started to stream down Kobie’s face, but she needed to get this off her chest. It felt wrong and she had to tell him.

Breaking It Off

So after days of contemplating, Kobie finally could not take it anymore. She had to tell Skylar how she felt and be truthful to him. And what she felt was that, although she did love Skylar a lot, there was no spark between them anymore. In fact, she realized that there had not been any excitement between them for months and this was something she needed to let out…

After Pausing

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As we said, a wedding takes a lot of effort and planning for it to be a success. The couple and their entire families have dedicated so much time and spent so much for their big day, but Kobie was not sure about it anymore. It was indeed the hardest decision she ever had to make but she needed to trust her instincts. She was so busy planning but never really took time to reflect.

Going Through Depression

And so after confronting her issues, she realized that this wedding was not for her. She had to break the news before it was too late, and she finally did. So then, that very morning, Kobie broke off her wedding to Skylar. And since this happened just now it was too late to get any kind of refund for the money everyone had spent for their big day. She was depressed…

In Bed And Sad

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And so, weeks and weeks of preparation went down the drain. All the energy and time spent to make their wedding a success had proven to not be worthy. The feeling in her heart was too much for her to bottle in. She then thought about the sad fact that their venue had been wasted. She was depressed and could not stop crying. Soon an idea came to her…