Wedding is just not a ceremony but a heartfelt and unbreakable promise that two souls make with each other. A promise to stick by each other even if the good time won’t. A promise to be each other’s best half and also a promise to love and respect each other’s family. Tracey (given name) was finally getting married to her fiance whom we will call Rick. She was on the cloud nine as she had been dreaming about her big day for a very long time. The woman had planned everything on her mind. She was going to have a destination wedding.

Tracey was very much excited about her new life. However, there was one thing that was really bothering her. The bride-to-be did not have very good relations with Rick’s mother, Gina(given name). Before becoming an integral part of his family, she wanted to have a cordial relation with her future mother-in-law as they were going to be one family now. However, little did the woman know that Gina had no intention of getting along with her. Tracey unaware of that kept trying to make Gina like her.

The woman finally had her awakening when Gina visited the couple’s new house.

 The Wedding

Tracey came with this unbelievable story on Reddit. The incident took place in the months that built up to her wedding in Colombia. It was a destination wedding. The couple was madly in love with each other and were impatiently looking forward to their special day. However, not everything was rosy between her and her mother-in-law, Gina. The old woman did not like Tracey very much. 

Adorable Couple

After staying engaged with each other for a year, Rick and Tracey decided to take the next step. The duo decided to get married. They kickstarted the preparation by picking their wedding date. And after finding the date, they informed their family and friends about it. However, there was one person who did not appear to be happy with the news. It was Gina!

Mending Relations

The bride-to-be wanted to have a good relationship with her future mother-in-law. She was looking forward to the wedding but before that, she wanted to clarify all the issues she had with her future mother-in-law. Rick was very close to his mother and that is one of the prime reason why Tracey wanted Gina to like her.

The Wedding Dress

This story is not about the bride or the groom. The story is about a wedding dress that added a never expected twist to the story. Every girl wants to look best on her wedding day. Tracey too wanted the same. But little did she know that the dress she had bought specially from Galia Lahav for her wedding was going to change her life upside down.  

Galia Lahav

For those who don’t know, Galia Lahav is a well-renowned couture atelier. The bridal couture enjoys popularity in the glamour world as well. Beyonce, the world-famous singer has bought dresses from there. No wonder, Tracey’s dream wedding dress cost her whopping $11,000.

Destination Wedding

One likes to celebrate their special days near their home but this couple had different plans. They did not want their wedding to be anything like ordinary. She explained, “We’re planning to be married in December in Colombia and of course, I’m beyond pumped.” “It’s going to be a destination wedding for us, and I was very happy that I was able to talk him into having one.” Gina did not like the idea though.