Groom’s Confusion

The handsome groom was a bit confused while planning out the surprise for his bride. A typical female probably has all the things shopped before her wedding day. Right from cosmetics, hair accessories, jewelry clothing, and footwear. This made this groom’s task even more tedious one. Despite this, he was able to figure out something that he would be gifting his to-be life partner. You will be amazed to see what he plans when it unwraps on their wedding day. As they say, women are way too excited about their wedding day. This bride proves it again. While the groom was confused initially, what he will be gifting to his wife, this bride already had her cards at work. Since the day her wedding was finalized she knew what she wants to present to her to-be husband. Definitely, a beauty with brain. What she does leave the audience baffled.

The Bride’s Speech

As the bride interrupted, she took a microphone and began speaking. Everyone was startled at this act of the bride. Why would a bride disrupt her own wedding reception? When she began speaking, the audience understood that she would be focusing on something more than her groom. It was something much bigger than her wedding reception. But what, was now the question?

Six Men Around

Before starting to speak further, the bride asked six well-built men to come and surround her husband. Everybody was clueless about the ongoings. As the men crowded her husband, everyone around became curious about their identity. Who were they? Was the bride gifting her man, a group of bouncers and security person?. It seemed that the bride’s speech was directed to these six men as well as her husband. She continues further, leaving the spectators wondering…

It’s There

All the heads at the wedding reception turned towards the voice that shouted, “Look beneath your chairs. There’s something beneath it”. The guests searched their respective chairs and found a small envelope. The guests were just inspecting the envelope that the bride again intervened and diverted the crowd’s attention towards her. What she says next blows everyone away…

The Gift

Everyone was eager to find what was this special gift but the bride again aggravated the suspense. The bride continued speaking. She reminds everyone that as mentioned earlier in the evening, she had placed a small gift for the guests to find. It was barely a gift costing some $3 each, but it had something priceless instore.