King Arthur is a legendary hero who continues to capture the interest of ordinary people and the archeologists. Though King Arthur is considered one of the most influential figures, the evidence of his existence is very scarce. That no need to say makes us question whether he actually lived or is just a part of the story. If you are one of them who always wondered about this existence then you would be glad to know that we have found an answer. Some archeologists have found evidence of his existence.

Light In The Dark

The interest of historians in Arthur has been from the time Arthur rose to the status of an English hero in the 19th century. The different team of experts has been looking for evidence substantiating his existence since then but nothing of significance has come to their hand. They went through various records but nothing helped. Now the only thing left was to begin digging. 

The King And The Myths

Geoffrey of Monmouth with his book History of the Kings of Britain gave King Arthur the mythical status. But a thing that one needs to keep in mind is that the history explained in the book is not as factual as people take it today. However, there is something very special about this book. This book is the very first source in which King Arthur and his amazing exploration got documented for the very first time. The tale that includes mesmerizing court of Camelot and the unbelievable deeds of King Arthur. And yeah about its downfall as well.    


King Arthur has become a subject of discussion for the historians. However, historians did notice some loopholes in the chronicles spanning monarch rule. According to Historians, King Arthur if existed must have lived around 6th century AD. The very time period is famously called the Dark Ages. It is called so for a reason. If we talk about the documents then there are very few available and those who do not mention a name Arthur. 

The Hero

When Arthur made his come back as a hero of Geoffrey’s chronicle, he came up with many prominent elements that former hero-king failed to include. It all started with Arthur’s father, Uther Pendragon, who spent an unidentified life when Arthur’s mother got pregnant with him. Geoffrey delineates every small and big aspect of Arthur’s life. It is from the same story that wizard Merlin who ultimately becomes Arthur’s advisors originates. 

Small Age Big Responsibility

Geoffery states that Arthur ascended to the crown when he was only 15 years old. The boy got the throne after his father passed away. But according to Geoffery succession in those time was not an easy process. Arthur had become the crowned king but he still had to fight numerous fights in order to save his country and reign from local monarchs. Arthur’s legacy solidified when he managed to defend lower Britain against the Scots and Picts. The man was on his way towards greatness.         

The Theory Of Expansion

Geoffrey explains that Arthur after coming into power began to expand his empire that started in Britain and stretching up to the parts of mainland Europe. The man had conquered several parts of mainland Europe before returning home and defending his original kingdom from Mordred, his nephew.