The ancient people have never failed to amaze the modern generation with their artifacts or monuments leaving people in a surprise of their intelligence and creativity. To understand and study the ancient works modern civilization had to prepare and teach archeologists to unravel the secrets that they had buried a long time ago. Every time an artifact is found on the long lost land, its story amazes the rest of the world for ages. Archeologists travel around the world to gather such stories and display the findings in the museum. But what if a mystery itself come at your doorstep just to be discovered? One such incident happened in the National Museum of Scotland and made everyone bite their nails.

Day Of Surprises

It was a normal day for the archeologists of the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. They were working on the recent findings and were sorting the accepted items. Dr. Margaret Maitland was one of the senior curators who was specially appointed for this project. They had been receiving surprises ever since they had started to explore the findings.

Meet Dr. Margaret Maitland

Everyone was excited about the arrival of Dr. Margaret Maitland, she was one of the finest archeologists and anyone would die to work with her. She had such a pleasant personality that people loved to be around her. Even when she was in college she was one of the brightest students and the most sought after one among the teachers.

The Studious One

She received her Hons.B.A. in Ancient Near Eastern Studies from the University of Toronto. She had already made up her mind about what she had to do in her Master’s and started working on it when a lot of students were struggling with their current course subjects. She studied hard during her B.A. and it paid off later when she got admitted to the prestigious university of the world.

Dream Comes True

It seemed like a dream come true when she got the opportunity to study at the University of Oxford. She successfully completed her M.Phil. and a D.Phil. in Egyptology with her thesis ‘Representations of social identity and hierarchy in the elite culture of Middle Kingdom Egypt’. Soon after completing her study, another opportunity awaited her doorstep.

The Job

Qualifying from the dream university and landing up in one’s dream jobs seems to be imaginary for most of us but for Margaret, it was in her stars. Soon after completing her degree she landed up in the famous National Museum of Scotland and started working as a curator and within a short span of time she was promoted to the post of the senior curator.

Ancient Items

It was in the year 2017, Margaret and other senior curators were excited as a new gallery, dedicated just to the Egyptian treasure was shortly going to open for the public from the next year. So everyone was engrossed in its preparation. As Margaret was the senior, she had more responsibilities than anyone else and ran up and down the storage facility area without resting a minute.