New Gallery

This was the most important event of her life and she wanted to do everything perfectly. It was a huge start for the museum as well because in the new gallery they would be showcasing highlights from the 6000-strong collection which had never been on display before. The museum was provided with many ancient items and Dr. Margaret and other archeologists were working to make the exhibition a success.

Sorting The Items

While Margaret was working on some recently accepted items in the museum and sorting them in order, she guided the new trainees simultaneously and gave them the instructions. As she picked up another item from the pile she heard a thump, at first she ignored and moved on to the next item thinking it to be trash. But was it so?

Moving On

After giving the instructions, she came back to the same spot and found the cramped papers lying on the ground. She tried to pick it up but it was bulky so she found it hard to pick it up by herself. Just when she managed to pick up the massive trash, she had an urge to have a look at it to make sure that it wasn’t important before she threw it away in the dustbin. As she looked at it carefully she felt that it was more than trash.

The Trash

As she flipped it over carefully, she observed that it wasn’t just a pile of cramped papers but a parcel. Several thoughts were running into her mind. What was a worn-out parcel doing in the items? Was it placed there by mistake or was it there with the items itself? Without wasting time she rushed to her fellow colleagues to tell them about the same.

The Colleagues

The other fellow archeologist came running in her direction to see what had happened. They were too surprised to find such a massive parcel on the floor. Initially, they were reluctant to open it up and examine as they thought it might contain some explosive object inside it. But they couldn’t let the parcel remain there on the floor. After all, it was their job to unravel the mysteries of the world and here it seemed the mystery itself had come to the museum.


So they gathered around the parcel and started to unwrap it carefully. Its brownish color indicated that it was quite old so they started to open it with more precision. As they started to examine the parcel, they saw another surprise coming there way. While they were still flip-flopping the parcel a piece of paper flew in the air and rested on Margaret’s feet. What was the other surprise?