Vikings have always been a subject of interest for all of us. We have learned a lot of things about this extinct society through pictures and TV shows. But did you know most of them are nothing but lie? Yes, we have been fed many myths regarding this intriguing group of people. A group of researchers made their way to a rural town of Norway where they discovered an amazing relic from the Viking era. This discovery changed the perception of people about the Vikings and their ways of life. The finding dispelled all the myths and revealed some extraordinary facts about this supposedly barbarian group.

An Unassuming Town

It was a sunny day of winter in Viksletta a rural town of Norway. More than half of the population of the town are engaged in farming. So, this place is full of green and offers some very beautiful sights. That day too a local farm was occupied with plows. Though it seemed as if they were plowing the farm, they were not actually plowing it.