Vikings have always been a subject of interest for all of us. We have learned a lot of things about this extinct society through pictures and TV shows. But did you know most of them are nothing but lie? Yes, we have been fed many myths regarding this intriguing group of people. A group of researchers made their way to a rural town of Norway where they discovered an amazing relic from the Viking era. This discovery changed the perception of people about the Vikings and their ways of life. The finding dispelled all the myths and revealed some extraordinary facts about this supposedly barbarian group.

An Unassuming Town

It was a sunny day of winter in Viksletta a rural town of Norway. More than half of the population of the town are engaged in farming. So, this place is full of green and offers some very beautiful sights. That day too a local farm was occupied with plows. Though it seemed as if they were plowing the farm, they were not actually plowing it.

Scanning In Progress

The small-sized tractor was equipped with the art radar scanning instruments. The device though looked a  lot like a plowing machine, it was a searching device used for finding ancient buried relics. The machine was installed by a team called NIKU or the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research. The group was assigned with the task of discovering relics of their forefathers. To put it more clearly, archeologists were looking for things pertaining to the Vikings. 

A Viking Hotspot

Well, there is a logical reason behind why the archeology team chose this specific rural area to study. The idea triggered from a past event in which the residents of this rural region and researchers both found various primitive Viking relics that hinted about an ancient settlement. 

Did Their Best

Since then the researchers had stayed put in the area to dig as many artifacts as they could. They stayed glued to the region for a long time and when they were sure that they had uncovered all the remainings of the artifacts, they thought of returning to their places. However, the residents and archeologists were not satisfied yet so they requested the team to keep searching as they were hopeful that something really amazing was buried beneath the layers of dirt. This time they urged the team of researchers to use radar scanning technology in place of traditional methods.               

The Scan Sight

The site they were searching on was right around Highway 118 in southwestern Norway. It was private property and surprisingly the owner itself had approached the team to urge them to look for the artifacts in order to learn more about the mysterious past of this area. The team now had no reason to say no to his request. They kickstarted their journey with the allowances offered by the owner and with the NIKU support. They would go to the site every day in search of artifacts. It was after a while they realized that this was going to make it happen again and again. Hard work pays. One day while combing the area their confidence increased multifold. 

A Hi-Tech Approach

In yesteryear, they used to take the help of traditional methods for the searching process. Which included combing of ground to unearth any artifact hiding beneath it. But soon they realized that it was not going to take them a long way. They got to look for other options to yield a more fruitful result. Otherwise, it was going to take them forever.