Lost In Kansas

First of all, they needed to find out the exact location of the city. He talked to many local people who narrated him different stories about the city. Nobody was sure about the location of the place but most of the stories about the city signaled towards a rural field. If we go by the words of local people, the location of the lost city was in the middle of the rural field. As most of the items were found around that place only. 

Owned By A Farmer

Now it came as a challenge for them. The field was owned by a farmer and that too was in a working state. In order to dig the space, they required the owner’s consent. As the field was already in the working stage, it was going to be difficult for him to persuade the owner into letting him excavate the space. However, determined Blakeslee decided to give it a try. 

All The Equipments

The team had reached Kansas with all the equipment they required in the excavation of the place. But first, the archaeologist needed to take consent of the owner. He really hoped that the owner would yes to their mission for if he denied the excavation the whole arrangement would go in vain. He met him and told him about the plans.

It’s A Yes!

Luckily for Blakeslee, the owner acceded at once. And with that, the first milestone was achieved. The archeologist directed his colleagues to start the process of excavation from the very next morning. Everything was set. Now all they needed was to dig the place to dig up the truth. But was it worth all these efforts? They were going to find out very soon!

High Hopes

The first day began with full of enthusiasm and hope for the workers. The initial hours of digging did not get them anything of significance but their determination was too strong to get affected by it. They kept digging until they found something incredible. The finding made them stop for a bit    

Rare Artifacts

Just a few hours had passed by and the archeologist managed to find a lot of pots buried under the dirt. Was it a  prelude to something bigger? Well, the finding did boost their confidence. The pots looked primitive in appearance. So did the pots belong to the lost city? Their curiosity had gone up to the next level and they started digging with more enthusiasm.