Sometimes some stories are much more than just a story. Sometimes, they are a piece of reality that seems unbelievable and we as a human refuse to believe them and hence turn them into a bedtime story. This story is similar to one of those bedtime stories that people underestimated as a fable but ultimately turned out to be a real deal. A man in early 60s decides to find out more about this lost city and ends up finding something incredible about it.

Never Seen

A city named Etzanoa was nothing more than a myth for the people of Kansas. Be it young or old person they all would talk casually about this never seen city and would forget. But there was one person that really wanted to know more about this supposedly lost city.    

Donald Blakeslee

The man is Donald Blakeslee. He is an archeologist by profession and passion both. Blakeslee has contributed a lot to many historical types of research. His area of expertise includes archeology of great plains. The man could not resist himself from finding out more about the city. So, was he going to meet a dead end or was this worth anything? Only time was going to tell…………… 

Amazing Findings

He had heard Kansas people talking about the city and had also heard about the pots, arrows, and many other artifacts discovered under the ground. Their discovery could be a myth or reality. Their existence too was under the question just like the existence of the city. But the archaeologist decided to get to the bottom of it.  

A Rural Field

The archeologist came up with a team of experts. Their main agenda was to find out more about the city Etzanoa. The archeologist made its way towards the countryside field in Kansas where many artifacts were found in the past years.       

Huge City

According to the people, the city of Etzanoa was quite a large city. It goes beyond us if the city was so large how did all of it disappear beneath the ground leaving not a single trace of it. The city has captured attention from every corner of the world. Many artists tried to bring it alive in their art. This picture is one of them. An artist here has tried to bring this place alive. 

Kickstarting The Search

Donald Blakeslee was all set to find out the truth about the lost city. Without delaying for a second he marched towards Kansas. Blakeslee was taking a big risk. He did not know whether his expedition would yield him any favorable result or not but despite that, he kept going. At that time the man had no idea that his decision was going to change the face of history.