Without animals, this world would surely be incomplete. The way they act and behave sometimes is enough to prove that their way of thinking and mindset is completely different from humans. Below is a list of such incidents which will surely make you burst into laughter and wonder what the animals were up to at that point.

The Hungry Dog

The Hungry DogThere are two ways to view this picture, either it shows how hungry the dog is or might be the case that he likes dog food so much that he is not able to control his emotions on seeing it. Whatever the reason is, this dog gave us one of the best picture worth laughing. No doubt, the man standing by the side of it is watching the dog keenly to see what it does further.

Panda Down

Panda DownIt seems this panda was in a mood to do something adventurous but didn’t know the right way to do it. In the image, we can see, that the panda decided to slide down but eventually, his ride ended up in an unconventional way, landing him on the wrong side of the slide. Maybe, the panda will learn from this mistake and try the slide next time under the guidance of an experienced panda. It is very sad to state the fact that panda bear is on the verge of extinction.

Super Raccoon

Super RaccoonThis looks like a movie shot with the raccoon giving a pose similar to a comic hero. Judging by the look on its face, it seems determined to save the world from destruction using his super-raccoon ability. Truly, a very rare image capturing the raccoon in action. I hope he succeeded in his endeavor. I guess the movie’s name was ” raccoon in the attic”.

Poor Cat

Poor CatThis is the result when a cat gets over-confident about its ability to be flexible. Luckily, the policeman you see in the image saw the cat hanging like a cloth on a hanger and rescued her. Surely, this cat would have learned his lesson and from next time will take extra care of the fact that the wall is not an acrobatic gym in which she can perform stunts without getting hurt.

Where Is Everyone Else?

Where Is Everyone Else?This goose surely lost its way and ended up in the custody of a firefighter paramedic. Surely, she would be cursing its friends and the whole goose family for not waiting or looking out for her. Moreover, I don’t think she is in a very good mood after being stuck in the situation it has been made to be in by the firefighter.

The Deer That Slipped

The Deer That SlippedLook at the pose which this deer has stricken. Truly, one of a kind and hilarious to the core. To be honest, this deer slipped and the photographer took the best advantage of it by clicking the photo at the exact moment.Surely, it is worth keeping in one’s photo library and the pose of the deer can be interpreted in a thousand ways.