Everyone has a dream of living in a house that you have built and designed yourself. Getting a house is ideal but actually building it would obviously be a big burden that most of us would not be able to execute. Think of the cost of builders, contractors, and interior designers. This 13-year-old boy named Luke Thill using just $1,500 built his own house in the backyard of his parent’s home proving that you can actually finish a simple house construction with not much hassle! See his inspirational work and read about how he went about achieving such a feat.

Using His Own Hands

My Own Two Hands

Luke Thill lives in Dubuque, Iowa and is studying in the 8th grade. He wanted to build an 89-square-foot structure he refers to as his “starter home.” This could very well be seen in even the best interior design websites. He did a lot himself in putting together the house, doing the majority of the handy work it requires. At his age, this is indeed very rare.

His Got Inspired

His Inspiration

If you ask what inspired him, Luke says  “I was just on YouTube looking around and came across a tiny house idea and then that spiraled into looking at almost every YouTube video there is, it felt like,” back in October 2017. “I got obsessed with them and decided to build my own.” In today’s world, it is very surprising that he has not even made use of one of these house construction apps.

An Exceptional Kid

No Ordinary Kid

There was another reason why he needed to have his own home. He was getting very bored while he had his summer vacation break and was looking for something productive to do. Most kids would be busy with their PlayStations and other games or activities but Luke was getting ready to build.

Parent’s Permission


After planning on how to go about building his house, Luke first had to ask the house construction permission from his parents, Greg and Angie Thill. After realizing that he was actually very serious about his project, they complied. The family’s four-acre property was now in Luke’s custody to do what he wanted.

His Father’s Rules

Dads Rules

There was a rule that his dad made for Luke to build in their backyard and it was that he would need to raise all the cost and money himself. He would also need to construct the house all on his own. It would clearly be a huge challenge but Luke was up for it and he quickly pursued his exciting construction/building project.

The Ground Rules

Ground Rules

“We said, ‘If you’re that serious we have to set some ground rules,’” Greg Thill has said in interviews. He also added, “We told him he had to have the financial responsibility of it, raise the money and choose the materials and stay in the budget.” So there is a way to go about without massive house construction insurance bills hovering above our heads.