Account Executives, also known as account handlers, are professionals who work in a sales role for a company. They help in maintaining existing accounts (customers) as well as bringing onboard new accounts. Account Executives help their company to grow by closing sales, finding new leads, supporting existing clients, formulating sales strategies, etc. An Account Executive should have proficiency in sales as well as customer service. For example, if you search for Account Executive jobs in Mumbai, you will find a demand for a candidate who has experience as well as skills in both sales and customer service. Their overall goal is to identify new opportunities in terms of new clients and build them into long term business relationships. 

Role & Responsibilities: 

Account Executives handle day-to-day affairs and work on increasing customer satisfaction. They act as a bridge between the clients and the company. They interact with clients as well as brand teams on a daily basis. Their responsibilities may depend on the internal structure of the company, but on average they are responsible for the following:

  • Present products to prospective clients
  • Provide support to existing clients
  • Compiling data to analyze trends
  • Remain in frequent contact with the clients and identify their needs
  • Developing sales strategies and budgets
  • Maintain a database of contact information
  • Handle complaints and negotiations
  • Provide excellent after-sales support to enhance customer satisfaction
  • Discover new sales opportunities through networking and turn them into long term business
  • Staying up to date with industry trends as well as company offerings
  • Maintain records of sales and data

Skills & Qualifications: 

Individuals who aim to start their careers in this field, need to have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Journalism, Marketing or Advertising. Some companies might prefer candidates who have a Masters in Business Administration. There are no certificates or licenses required to gain entry into this field. 

However, apart from these basic qualifications, an Accounts Executive must have a strong skill set. Here are some of the skills they must possess:

  • Creativity and innovative approach
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Excellent communication as well as writing skills
  • Ability to act as a leader when required
  • Good analytical skills
  • Strategic decision-making skills
  • Strong time management skills
  • Proficient computer skills
  • Exceptional negotiation skills 

Career Scope: 

Career opportunities in this field are expected to rise in the upcoming decade. There are plenty of options to consider once you have gained enough relevant experience as an Accounts Executive. Let’s take a look:

  • Sales Manager: As a sales manager you are responsible for leading a team of sales representatives of your company. You guide them on an everyday basis and help them in improving their skills as well as their work performance.
  • Sales Director: With enough years of relevant experience as a Sales Manager, you can get promoted to a Sales Director. In this job role, you have to look at the bigger picture and handle more responsibilities as compared to a Sales Manager. Sales Directors are generally responsible for Accounts Executive while Sales Managers are responsible for the Sales Development Representatives.
  • Sales VP: The Vice President of Sales is responsible for the entire sales operations of an organization. They are constantly creating strategies to drive sales results and keep the revenue growth on track. 

The role of an Accounts Executive is highly dynamic. Mainly they are promoted internally but might be hired from other companies as well. Their role mainly involves working with clients on case-by-case support as well as improving their company’s workflow.