He Was Nicknamed ‘New Boy’

“W.O.L.F. received an urgent request for help [from] Apex Protection Project, one of our wolf rescue partners in California,” the group mentioned on its website. “There was a young wolf dog in a shelter in Los Angeles County, Calif., who needed immediate rescue.”

“Not eligible to be in a shelter due to his origin”

Image: Facebook/WOLF Sanctuary “He was [most likely slated for] euthanasia since wolf-dogs cannot be adopted out to the general public,” the group said. After all, wolf-dogs hybrids are less likely to be domesticated than their dog cousins and have required special training and living condition that most people can’t fulfill.

New Boy Had Special Rescue Teams To Deal With Him

Image: Facebook/WOLF Sanctuary

It didn’t even take the W.O.L.F rescue team 24 hours to reach the spot. They had all boarded a plane and landed in Willington to take New Boy. The main aim they had was to get the groups vet to take a look at the hybrid dog so that they could save his life. But unfortunately, this dogs condition was soo bad that the vet decided that they needed to take him to W.O.L.F. infirmary for recovery.

After A Long Enough Struggle He Could Co-operate

Image: Facebook/WOLF Sanctuary

In the beginning, New Boy looked like he was absolutely petrified of humans and usually, he would stick to corners and stay away from his rescuers. Thankfully all it took were a few days of kindness and patience to get him out of his shell. He dropped his defenses enough so that the vet and the team could begin his treatment. Dr. Stone used a cocktail of antibiotics, painkillers, and medicinal baths to treat this poor creature.

Eventually, He Was Given A Proper Name “Castiel”

Image: Facebook/WOLF Sanctuary

Much to everyone’s surprise, New Boy recovered quickly, and to celebrate this recovery W.O.L.F. decided to hold a contest to give this dog a new moniker. He would now be known as Castiel, after the angel of rebirth from the hit tv show supernatural.

He Is Named After A ‘Supernatural’ Character

Image: via Facebook/WOLF Sanctuary

“For those of you who watch the show Supernatural you’ll recognize the angel Castiel who is resurrected over and over again,” W.O.L.F published on it’s Facebook page. This dog was proving to true to his name. With the pace he was recovering, it was impressive to everyone at the sanctuary.