Unfortunate things happen to all of us at some point in our lives. At that time, we have no choice but to curse our luck and deal the situation. But what do you do when this spell of bad luck looks like it will never end. Sarah Cummings felt cornered by her problems and was ready to give up, but then one day her son did something unexpectedly remarkable.

Down To Her Last Dollar

That day, like every other day that week was turning into a rough one for this single mother named Sarah Cummings. She had been struggling with her finances and each day she felt like she had hit the rock bottom only to be proven wrong the next day. With her son desperately in need of medical attention, she had lost all hope, but then her 9-year-old did something astonishing!

Hard Times

Sarah is a resident of Tonawanda, New York. She shared her house only with her 9-year-old son. The two of them had fallen on desperate times and things kept getting worst for this single mother every passing day. Her father had recently passed away in 2005 and not long after that, she came across a parking ticket on her car. While trying to sort the mess out she found that a cop had written her another ticket. But as she thought the worst of the day was over, she came home to something truly terrifying.

A Tough Mom

Turns out on the same day, her landlord had evicted Sarah along with her son. She decided to settle the dispute in the court but again her luck took a turn towards the worst and she found a cop writing her a ticket again, she felt like she was the victim of G0d’s fury for something he hadn’t even done. Even after struggling with the parking tickets and paying off the funeral all the while looking for a new place for herself and her son, Sarah decided that she was going to keep a brave face on for the sake of her child. That was until she was smitten again!

Bad Luck Continues

Her 9-year-old son named Stephen was struck by a mysterious disease. She decided to take him to the hospital with the hopes that the doctors working there would know what’s wrong. She was fighting to keep herself together despite all that she had been enduring, but the bill sent by the doctors turned out to be the last straw.

Nowhere To Turn

Understandably, Things had turned absolutely unbearable for this single mother. She felt like there was no way out of her problems and she was clueless about what she should do about it. No one was there to whom she could turn to for money and now that there was no longer a man in the family she felt even more helpless. She no longer had someone who would console her and whisper kinds works like “It’s all going to be alright” with her.

Time To Step Up

One look at the bill and poor Sarah’s heart sank, she knew there was no way she will be able to afford the co-payment. With her back against the wall, she retaliated. A heated argument between her and the doctors soon began, it was so loud that everyone in the waiting room, including her son could hear it. Somehow this little kid knew her mother was in a really tough spot and decided it was now up to him to do something about it!