A backpack might be best known for keeping books but this is the space for many school kids to keep their secrets safe. Hiding test papers to hide those bad grades, or simply sneaking in an object that the school doesn’t allow or hiding those comics and games that your parents don’t approve of. This is a space we consider to be the safest during our school days as we don’t want our privacy to be intervened in any way. But what if I tell you a schoolkid from the city of Houston Texas had a thing of greater magnitude than any of these mentioned things to hide. This 7-year-old girl went a step ahead and after keeping her secret safe for long, she was eventually caught and what turned out to be the case left her mother speechless. Read the strange but astounding story of this girl named Addie whose acts surprised everyone.

Is She Hiding Something? Is She Hiding Something?

Her daughter’s backpack appeared to be different that day, she could see something was wrong. By the looks of it, the bag was apparently stuffed with something as she could see it was puffed and so full. Yeah, in simpler words the bag looked fat and it wasn’t because she had packed her daughter’s lunch with too much junk food but she had to find out. Being a mom, it was natural for her to worry. So when she headed toward the bag only to unzip it and take a look inside, her jaw dropped and hit the floor out of the shock she was into. She was astounded to find out what her daughter was up to.