A backpack might be best known for keeping books but this is the space for many school kids to keep their secrets safe. Hiding test papers to hide those bad grades, or simply sneaking in an object that the school doesn’t allow or hiding those comics and games that your parents don’t approve of. This is a space we consider to be the safest during our school days as we don’t want our privacy to be intervened in any way. But what if I tell you a schoolkid from the city of Houston Texas had a thing of greater magnitude than any of these mentioned things to hide. This 7-year-old girl went a step ahead and after keeping her secret safe for long, she was eventually caught and what turned out to be the case left her mother speechless. Read the strange but astounding story of this girl named Addie whose acts surprised everyone.

Is She Hiding Something? Is She Hiding Something?

Her daughter’s backpack appeared to be different that day, she could see something was wrong. By the looks of it, the bag was apparently stuffed with something as she could see it was puffed and so full. Yeah, in simpler words the bag looked fat and it wasn’t because she had packed her daughter’s lunch with too much junk food but she had to find out. Being a mom, it was natural for her to worry. So when she headed toward the bag only to unzip it and take a look inside, her jaw dropped and hit the floor out of the shock she was into. She was astounded to find out what her daughter was up to.

Playful Child Playful Child

Remember how we sneaked in toys and other stuff to school when we were kids. The stuff that had nothing to do with school in the first place but such was the adrenaline of doing that mischief without getting caught. Okay! I have been caught more than once and also witnessed other kids being caught while they boasted their stuff in school. There were no fidget spinners at the time but we did have Beyblades, comic books, plastic models, play cards, remote controls, those portable video games and whatnot that we used to fill our backpacks with before leaving for school. So her mother wouldn’t be surprised if she had done something in the likes of it.

Never Saw It Coming

No one’s more worried and protective of the little creatures more than their mother. After all, her daughter was still a little innocent kid who couldn’t differentiate between what was right and what was wrong for her. Kids don’t often realize what the adults can as the little mischievous creatures can’t care less about the fact that by carrying so much of stuff in their backpacks they are only making it too heavy for their sensitive backs. The pressure can sometimes be damaging to their backs. Therefore, she unzipped her daughter’s backpack to take out whatever she had been hiding in there, but she found something she had never imagined in her wildest dreams.


One of the first dreams that a married couple sees together is starting a family of their own.  Pregnancy can take a toll on one’s body, especially when it’s a first time experience. You are new to it, and every individual will give you different advice. A woman experiences a lot of changes in her body and it is nothing but overwhelming. Not to mention the mood swings one experiences from time to time.

Challenging LifeChallenging Life

The beautiful couple was finally happy and excited to see their baby girl. The pain experienced at the time of delivery is enormous and is equivalent to the pain of suffering 20 broken bones at the same time. Salute to all the mothers out there. So it was obvious that she was tired as anything as she had been through labor. But she was rejuvenated after seeing the face of her baby. Well, nothing can beat the joys of motherhood! But the couple soon spotted that something wasn’t right. What was it?

Something Wasn’t Right

When the young couple held their baby girl for the first time they soon realized that everything was not as perfect. The baby’s legs looked disfigured and were different from how they should be. They were confused and helplessly looked at the doctors, as they were desperate to find out what was up with their baby. They certainly didn’t find comfort as the look on the doctor’s face itself showed concern. Unfortunately, they had to accept the harsh reality that their little baby had a tough time ahead.