Have you ever left a dad alone with a baby? Or told a dad to take responsibility of the little one, make sure its all dressed up, well fed, well slept? Well, then you would have a slight idea about what this post is about and if you don’t then let me tell you, you are in for a laugh riot. Dads get bored easily and they come up with the most interesting (dangerous) ways to take care of their little one and have their fun at the same time. These dads have made to the list because of the ways they have failed at (or totally nailed) parenting.

First Day At Work

When dad is left with the baby, he is also left in charge of its clothes. And what does a dad do when left in charge of a baby’s clothes? For reference watch the picture. We already know from previous pictures that dads aren’t pro at dressing their kids, but this dad went too far.

Though I think this dad was only doing this because he was bored and he wanted to mess with his partner. I hope to god he wasn’t serious.