Have you ever left a dad alone with a baby? Or told a dad to take responsibility of the little one, make sure its all dressed up, well fed, well slept? Well, then you would have a slight idea about what this post is about and if you don’t then let me tell you, you are in for a laugh riot. Dads get bored easily and they come up with the most interesting (dangerous) ways to take care of their little one and have their fun at the same time. These dads have made to the list because of the ways they have failed at (or totally nailed) parenting.

First Day At Work

When dad is left with the baby, he is also left in charge of its clothes. And what does a dad do when left in charge of a baby’s clothes? For reference watch the picture. We already know from previous pictures that dads aren’t pro at dressing their kids, but this dad went too far.

Though I think this dad was only doing this because he was bored and he wanted to mess with his partner. I hope to god he wasn’t serious.

 “Dad, Aren’t You Forgetting Something?”

So Jeremy had one job; dress his little daughter Olivia and drop her to the daycare. Jeremy, as can be seen, is not really aware of the fact that kids are supposed to be wearing a shirt or a t-shirt under overalls. His messages convey it quite clearly. Question is can you forgive the dad for not knowing what goes under the overalls? In his defense, he didn’t even know what overalls are.

Fun fact about this picture:  It became quite viral on the internet and even Ellen DeGeneres showed it on her daytime show and millions of people had a hearty laugh at Jeremy’s ignorance.

Ponytail Level: DadAD-Funny-Dads-Parenting-Fails-06

One has to give it to the lazy dads. They come up with the most innovative ways of running from responsibilities and at the same time taking care of them. Who could have thought that one could make a ponytail with a vacuum cleaner!? And it is not half as bad as the pony made by the regular pony style. Even the girl seems to be impressed. You nailed it, dad. 

Penned Wrong

Yeah, you are guessing it right. It should have been the kid who was penned. The dad, however, found his playing area to be, well, underfurnished so, instead of securing his child in the pen, he took it to secure himself. Two things, one- the kid can’t crossover to disturb his dad anymore, two- the improved gaming experience. Win-win.

Tucked Too Tight

Mastering the art of swaddling is no easy task. Parents spend hours in parenting classes to learn it and even then when the baby comes along it is one of the hardest things to do. This dad, tired of learning to do the right way employed the wrong one. But we gotta agree that he nailed it; there is no way that baby is going to get out of this wrap, not until it is sleeping at least. This dad might just have taught you a new hack.

Power Change

It does not take a scientist to know what is wrong with this image. But parenting can be tough given what a mess children can create and this dad must have done a lot of running around with the kid and in his mind, he deserves a nap. He is literally sleeping the way he should have made his child sleep; all tucked in and with toys around. The child? The father has managed to keep him busy with the Television and kept him on silent mode (with the pacifier).