Our early history books gave us a glimpse of the Roman Empire and left the kids interested in the Roman era with a lot of curious questions. Ancient Romans have always been a matter of interest not only for Hollywood but also for the historians. This empire has legacies, beliefs, myths, traditions, taboos, several dark sides, illogical concepts that are enough to leave you thinking about it for the entire day. From Yin and Yang to Roman slaves, from gladiators to inventions many misconceptions will be broken by the time you reach the end of this article.

Keep aside your knowledge about the Romans because you are about to read a lot about them you haven’t been aware of before.

Just 10% Of Ancient Rome

Let’s start with the progress that we’ve made so far. The ancient Rome rests in peace 30 feet under the modern street levels. Many researchers suggest that all that we’ve discovered is merely 10% of the empire. It looks like that there are no chances for any further excavations considering the human population thriving on top of it at present.

Pompei and Herculaneum were two significant cities during the Roman era and we’ve only excavated 20-25% of these cities.