Insisting Behaviour

While he wanted his lady to be all normal once again as soon as possible, Florence wasn’t much of a believer of medicines and doctors. She insisted that she’ll be fine soon and that he need not take her to the doctor for every little thing as it will be just a waste of money. Assuming it to be a normal flu they waited for a few days…

Making An Appointment

Florence Stevens was sick from past few days and it started worrying Robert. He started to think that it was something more than just a fever. Without delay, he made an appointment with a doctor in Monticello. She was getting thin and wasn’t in a condition to visit the doctor all alone so Robert decided to take off that day and take her to the doctor.


Robert dropped her outside the doctor’s clinic and it was going to take about an hour or so. He was going to be back in some time as he wanted to finish some work nearby. The guy was going to spend the rest of his life regretting about leaving his wife behind that day. It was August 3rd, 1975…

Two Hours Later

Two hours later when Robert reached the clinic, his wife wasn’t waiting for him. He parked the car and walked to the clinic only to know the worst. After confirming with the receptionist, he understood that his wife never made it to the appointment. She told him that she was supposed to wait for 30 minutes but when her number to meet the doctor was finally announced, she was nowhere to be found…

A Nearby Fest

The town was filled with people from nearby states that evening for the annual fest that was just a few blocks away from the clinic. He was hoping that Florence might have walked to see the carnival and lost the track of time. So he decided to wait for her right in front of the clinic but did she ever return?

Nowhere To Be Found

He waited for her outside the clinic to return for hours. It was past midnight but she was nowhere to be found and he rushed to the nearest police station just to file a missing report. When he returned home that night, it was already 3 and he was all alone. He loved her and she disappeared like she was never there.