Did you know that April 15, 1955, was one of the most important days for you? Yes, you heard that right, it was the day the first McDonald’s opened in Illinois. That was the day everyone got to find happiness in the form of burgers, fries and ice cream. However, there have been a lot of let-downs when speaking of McDonald’s as nothing can ever be perfect. Since it is so popular, there is no doubt that McDonald’s has a wide spectrum of customers. Here are a few pictures that would either amuse you or make you avoid dropping into McDonald’s forever.

Umm Inappropriate!

This McDonald’s has in a way blessed this lucky customer in more ways than just feeding him. He definitely got more than he asked for. However, what do you think the other customers in this McDonald’s feel like? We must remember that this is a family-friendly food chain where people bring their kids along. It would have definitely sparked a little controversy when it took place.

Time For Homework

What could be better than being able to do your work where food is undeniably good? Well, you always have McDonald’s for that, right? It is perfect because McDonald’s has free wifi, and free refills plus the food is always there! However, what kind of a sane person would think to bring a whole desktop? It was even more surprising that they allowed her to do so in the first place. Must be a regular customer.

Take A Seat, Ronald

We sometimes forget that clowns need some kind of love too. They sometimes crave love and attention too, just like the rest of us. Look at this girl trying to give her all to the one and only Ronald McDonald. She is here giving lapdances for free. She must be one of those die-hard fans of the fast-food chain. We hope no one saw this and that Ronald maintains his squeaky-clean image.

You Can’t Hide

Have you ever seen this huge version of Ronald when you enter a McDonald’s? We all know that this would lead to some kids or even adults screaming and crying. Suddenly bumping into one of these would surely cause you to get surprised. Who would enjoy being stared down by a giant clown while they try and eat their meals? The correct answer is, no one!

Is He The Manager?

We all know how frustrated employees at McDonald’s get when dissatisfied customers ask to speak to the manager. This has been a big problem for many food chains but this particular McDonald’s has come up with a brilliant plan to end this issue. They decided to get a cardboard cutout of the manager placing it next to the cashier. But, convincing people that Zayn Malik is the manager might be hard.

Take This, Employee!

One of the most common things you could find in any fast food chain is an upset customer. Now, their levels of unhappiness vary and while some customers can be calmed down, there are some who absolutely refuse to keep hold of themselves. This customer has literally pulled the employee out of the kitchen after a heated argument. She kept the employee in a headlock proving that the customers should always be listened to.