One doesn’t have to be creative or imaginative, being human is enough to understand the two sides of the incidents that we’ve specially selected for you! After all, each and every one of us can recall moments when we saw, felt or heard things differently than what they actually were. It’s not necessary that everything has to make sense all the time, right? Truth to be told we all get bored of the ordinary ways at some point.

Our today’s top picks can blow anyone’s mind. And trust us when we say this collection is one that will never go out of style as it can make anyone’s day. Sometimes seeing the world with a different style can make it funnier. So, let your thoughts go with the flow and see what you notice first, the real side or the visible side!

Hairy Tree Style?

Really? A tree can grow on one’s head too! Logically, No. But according to this picture, Yes. On a busy morning when everybody was rushing to their daily jobs, one person clicked this picture unintentionally and the results are in front of you. By the way, we really like the concept of growing a tree on one’s head. Imagine each one of us with a growing plant on heads, moving around with one’s oxygen, what a green world would that be!

Mama Ghost

Alright, you aren’t the only one, we see it too. Think of it, when you click a random picture of someone and an unseen result comes up. How would you react? This woman is not at all aware of whatever this ghost is up to. Maybe it’s just a moment caught on the camera that looks like a ghost. But just in case, we would like to make it clear that we have nothing to do with it if she comes for you!

Suspicious Hair

When the president speaks everybody wants to hear. Honestly, we didn’t even look at the guy until we saw the second picture. No those hair were right there and if we look at it again, it even suits him well. But we are glad that the lady sitting behind made herself comfortable and looked at the camera to clear everybody’s doubt. Now, we doubt if the rest of the audience have the same style or someone is hiding behind them too!

Maturing At Alarming Rates

In this time of sadness, we are with them. We certainly feel for the little boy looks no less of a retired man. Oh, wait a minute, so now it makes sense. Good Lord! Isn’t it too much how optical illusion can mess with our heads? At least it messed with these two heads in the picture.

If you love clicking pictures, make sure the next time you go through the frame and angle before you click it.

Elastic Man

So far, we’ve only heard of the Elastic Woman, but here comes the elastic man. Now, ideally, Elastic Woman should have been with him rather being with Mr. Incredible. You never know if you see this guy in the third part of “Incredibles” series. So, we’ve just introduced a new superhero, right? Okay, we aren’t making fun here but this seemed to be real for a moment as the bracelet on this lady’s hand did its job.

Who Hooman ???

When talking about optical illusions, animals are always making their way in the list with the funny scenes that they get caught on. Don’t they have this curiosity to know everything before their hooman does? Same goes for this one, curious enough to check out and not at all bothered if that stops its owner’s view. In any case, we don’t want to miss on the point that we love dogs!