Struggle Of A Substitute Teacher

How often you see anyone calling for help like that? This poor guy is asking for it. After looking at him we are sure that he is indeed in need of help.

The job role of a teacher is stressful but that’s with every other job, correct? We are dealing with our jobs and every time we get loads of work to do, our heart says help! Nobody listens to our inner voice but this guy did it. And now the world knows he needs help! It’s okay, we’ll wait… but somebody please help him first.

Pooch Back Riding?

Remember the movie, “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids”? Now, recall the part where the dog gives those kids a ride home? Or the part where the ant gives them a ride? For a moment we were thinking if this scene is from the movie or not. But the kids were even smaller than this man. This pup is enjoying its first time on the snow but why is he giving a ride to a teeny-tiny man? Let’s leave the pooch and the guy alone to play…

In Two Pieces!

Who did this? This matter suddenly got serious when we reached this picture. Yes, it looked like the dog was cut in two pieces and thank G0d that it isn’t. Who so ever took this picture on time definitely saw it the way we looked at it. Hence proved that optical illusions are all around us and we just can’t help but notice.

R.I.P. President, Oh Wait!

Clicked on a wrong moment or the right one, you decide. Dilma Vana Rousseff, the former Brazilian president looked like she got stabbed but again she’s perfectly fine and it was just the moment that got clicked. If you think this is all we got then let’s just say this is just the beginning and the game hasn’t even started. When did this happen? Isn’t she alive?

Miss Ostrich

Great Going Lady! Ostriches aren’t for you to take a ride, so, get down lady! This is hilarious and hurting as well. This photo is an example of Karma, she thought she’ll pose on the back of Ostrich but ended up getting the trolled. That’s how things work, as it is said every action has its own reaction.

Cat With Six Pack

Goodness! When dogs and ostrich are making it to the list how can cats fall back? For others, we can say it was just a right shot but as it is a cat, certainly it is done on purpose. Smart and clever, cute and fluffy, this cat knows the drill. Alright, its high time to say the truth that this is another optical illusion this cat ran into.