As Gandhi said in his famous quote,“ An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.” But for some people, this thought is worthless because they are looking for revenge, my friend. And, when the revenge is about heartbreaks and cheating, these people have proved that you should not mess with them. Here are some 39 (no.20 is a must see) best revenge stories that will surely make you laugh and if you are looking for ideas then you are in the right place.

Wife Crashes Her Own Funeral

This husband who hired a hitman to kill his wife was left speechless when during her funeral where he was all in tears due to his great loss ( and the best actor awards goes to…) saw her wife who was waiting for everyone to show up, entered her own funeral shouting, “Surprise! I’m alive!” accompanied by policemen. Noela Rukunda’s husband did not want the prison that was marriage instead he chose nine years in prison. Choices are everything in life.

Revenge Level 1000!

If you think you’re in a bad place in life right now, then just take a look at this photo. You feel better right? We don’t. This guy sure had his reason for the way he parked his car taking two spots at the same time. But the bus driver was not in a mood to play. We think the hate between buses and cars is universal. This is the perfect example of bullying in the parallel universe where automobiles can talk.

Chat Over Coffee

A coffee shop is not your home. Period. But for some people, it is their second home where they sit, order coffee and talks as loudly as they want. But for this guy who was talking ( very loudly)  to his friend on skype about some business ideas left him with only one option, to move out from his second home. He didn’t realize there were neighbors too.

I Am Working

Rule 101, not all living statues are sweet. Some can kick your ass if you become too friendly with them. Come, see and pose with them but don’t disturb them.
Remember not to touch a living statue in these three places otherwise you know what they’ll do. Just a heads up because we care for you.

To Find Revenge Keep Opening

Whatever you do, you should not mess up with your siblings. They are the worst kind of people you can meet. If you think, Nah! mine is sweet. Then congratulations you come under 1% of the population who thinks they have the best siblings in the world. Looking at the picture above we think that guy was really pissed off by his sister.

Beating the pulp out of your sibling can calm you from inside, but doing something like this guy did here is the kind of a thing where you just sit in your chair, with a drink in one hand and watch them suffer from the distance. Suffer human!

No Parking

Kids park in a parking spot, adults in a no parking zone and then come legends like this guy who parked in the spot saved for handicapped people. The public took care of the rest and taught him a lesson by covering his car in sticky notes. Now, keep taking them out for the rest of your life.