House is the most relaxable place one can think of. We think we know everything about our hideout but sometimes this is nothing but an illusion that stays with us till we find out the mystery about the place. Here is the list of some creepy things found in their house by new homeowners who later on amazed the world by posting pictures of them! Check them out to make your Halloween scarier!

 Grave House

A grave in the house is a weird sight to see. The owner of this house could not hide his astonishment when he saw a gravestone buried in his attic. One could mistake it for Halloween decoration but what about the name carved on it. Is that too fake?

Underground Church

creepy underground church in england.jpg

Imagine having a hidden church beneath a house. Yes! a house had a church hidden under it and it remained in oblivion till the time this couple got into the house and explored the area. According to the Historians, this place initially must have been used by persecuted Catholic for worshipping but after that, the place was taken in use to make sacrifices to the gods.

Secret Anatomy School

London is no doubt a hub of lots of inexplicable mysteries. One of them unearthed when a man found about 1200 animal and human skeletons buried inside the floor of his house. Later on, it was found that the remains belonged to the time when Benjamin Franklin used to reside in the home. Well, it did raise a lot o question on Benjamin. But all of them got answered when the truth came out. Benjamin had given this house to his friend William Hewson who used it as secret anatomy school.

The Uninvited

Welcome to Joshua room that remained a secret for long. They could not believe what wrong actually was happening to them. The prospective buyer was looking around the house when he stumbled upon a secret stairway leading to the basement. the stairs had weird holes on it that led to an even weirder reality. There was a room belonging to someone named Joshua. On enquiring further, the man realized that the place had never been occupied by anyone named Joshua.

Just a Little Devil Worshiping

Imgur user booshy992 had great expectation from his new house. It was spacious, beautiful and comfy. He thought he had made a good choice until he turned to the basement of the house. The all dark basement was hiding some deep and horrifying secret. He soon found out that the place was full of remnants of satanic rituals. There was a circle, a devil eye, and many other disturbing symbols. Along with all this, there was also a message that read  “within me the devil burns.”

Secret Scary Pet

In January of 2016, a repairman discovered a 6 foot, 200-pound alligator in the basement of a house in suburban Chicago. The alligator was apparently a secret pet and was only occasionally taken out of its cage and into the backyard. The repairman immediately notified the police, who removed the gator and charged the owner.