Road accidents happen all the time. There is always someone who is either speeding or drunk driving or jumping red lights. You never know what may befall you once you step outside your house. The injuries you suffer from an accident may heal but the trauma haunts you for a long time. However, one thing that nobody can expect as an outcome from an accident is learning a new skill!

When a 25-year-old football player met with a severe road accident, he had to be put under a medically induced coma. But after battling for his life when he finally woke up, the man left everyone speechless as soon as he opened his mouth.

Child Prodigy

Rory Curtis is a 25-year-old football player from Redditch, Great Britain. As a child, Rory was amazing in sports. He had been playing football since the age of 5 and has never looked back from it. He is the star of the Manchester United Youth’s team and his dream of being a pro football player doesn’t seem too far away.

Dedicated Player

It was a cloudy Saturday evening, Rory was busy practicing with his team. The coach’s whistle caught his attention as he gathered the team, dismissing them for the day. A thunderstorm was around the corner and he wanted everybody home before it starts pouring down heavy. But Rory, on the other hand, decided to stay back for one more round of practice.

The First Drop

Rory had just hit another goal when the first drop hit his forehead. He realized that the storm is here and he should be heading home now. He quickly got changed in the locker room, packed his stuff and headed out as fast as he could.


Rory was sprinting across the parking lot when the rain came down pouring. His shoes splashed water as he ran towards his car. By the time Rory managed to reach the car door, he was already drenched. He threw his kit in the backseat and turned on the wiper blades, it was going to be a long drive home thanks to this weather.

Hazy Streets

The drive back home was more challenging than Rory could have suspected. The wiper blades ran aggressively across the windshield trying to clear the hazy vision of the streets. But despite everything, it was impossible to see the road ahead. The sky was blanketed by a dark shade of gray, covered in clouds that had no intention of bringing rain to a halt anytime soon.

The Rest Stop

Coincidentally, Rory came across a rest stop. He thought about pulling up his car into the driveway and waiting out the storm. But it didn’t feel like a good idea because it will be getting dark soon. And if the storm doesn’t pass he will be stuck in the rain at night and it will become even more difficult to drive.