The Truck

Rory was still struggling to see ahead as the rain came flooding on the car’s windshield. It wasn’t until the very last second when Rory noticed the truck that suddenly switched lanes and came in front of him. But by that point, it was too late and before Rory could even hit the brakes, his car went and collided with the back of the truck.


The accident ended up taking five other vehicles into the collision. Rory’s car was sandwiched between the truck and the other five cars. The people who witnessed the crash immediately pulled out their phones and called for help. 

Emergency Services

The highway looked utterly chaotic by the time the ambulance and the firefighters reached the scene. A massive crowd of people was surrounding the accident scene. The firefighters rushed in and after a quick scan of the scene, they immediately started working on a plan to remove Rory from his car.

Saving The Boy

It took them an hour of hard work to finally get Rory out of the smashed-up car. He was broken and bruised but still breathing. Even though visibly there were only a few external bruises and cuts on him, the extent of his injuries will only be clarified when they examine him at the hospital.

Rushing To The Hospital

The paramedics put Rory on a helicopter and rushed him to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. His parents were waiting at the hospital since they were contacted by the police already. The doctors immediately took him for an exam to identify his injuries and check for things like internal bleeding and damage. After taking multiple scans, the doctors had some bad news for Rory’s parents.

Brain Injury

The doctors walked out of the examination room with a defeated look. Rory’s parents stood up in anticipation, fear evident in both of their eyes. Turns out, Rory had suffered from a severe head injury in the crash. The doctors took them to a meeting room and began to explain his condition and what to do next.