I Must Go To This Place

So that's how they refill one of those M&M machines!The age-old mystery of how an M&M machine is refilled has finally been solved. And to be completely honest here, we could have never imagined this is how it’s done. We wonder if we can simply buy one of these bags because honestly we never liked the greens ones.

Have You Experienced This Before?

We're positive that a lot of you have experienced this before!We aren’t completely sure, but we still feel quite positive that a fairly good number of you must have experienced this before. If any of you were using Facebook about 10 years ago, this is the home screen that you would be greeted with. We can be glad enough that these things are now a thing of past.

A Huge Nose!

This obviously looks like a very large nose, and it sort of is.Okay so this is obviously a humongous nose, or at least it looks like it, and to be honest here it sort of is. What we have here is the blowhole of a blue whale! Now it seems less surprising, an animal of such mammoth scale can have such a huge “nose”. But still, you can imagine the size of those tissues.

I Feel Cheated

Well, this is kind of disappointing.Okay, this really is disappointing. But then again, I don’t know what I was thinking I would find in there. We mean who would have thought that inside this 9 volts battery would be several AAA batteries. And while we are on this topic, why aren’t there AA batteries or something else. Soo many questions!!

This Is No Sci-Fi Movie Set

You may be thinking that this is from a sci-fi movie set, but you're wrong.While most of us simply assume that this here is a sci-fi movie set, but we will be wrong in that assumption, because this is no movie set, this is real life. What you are looking at here is a battleship out of the water. We are simply used to seeing battleship afloat in the water, now looking at it like this is honestly pretty scary.

Who Wants To Rave?

This is a picture, taken in secret, of the new underground rave club in California.We seem to have stumbled across a picture that was taken in secret in the new and the most happening underground rave club in California. Or maybe not. It might shock you a bit but this is what it looks like on the inside of an air mattress. Though we are disappointed this isn’t an underground rave, it still looks pretty cool to us.