Have You Ever Been To Lake?

If you've ever been to a pond or lake, than you have definitely seen these before.If the answer to our question is yes, then you must have come across these things before. But maybe you never really paid close attention to them. That might be the reason why you are confused. This is what a lily pad looks like when turned upside down. Don’t believe us? Google it!

Any Musicians Here?

Are you a musician? If you are, then you've been in this exact spot before.If you are a musician, then we are quite confident in assuming that you have been to this same spot before in your life. Don’t believe us? Well, this is the backstage area of a music venue. Can you imagine the amazing feeling one would get when subjected to this kind of a view!

Wait What Is Happening Here?

Why in the world are they flipping that dump truck upside down?Why in the name of Jesus almighty are these people turning the poor dump truck upside down, are they trying to destroy it? Actually, No. this here is just how the power plants operating all around us extract coal out of their freight trucks. Pretty neat isn’t it?

Skylight? Nah…

This looks like a beautiful room with an incredible skylight.What we have here looks like a gorgeous room that has been hooked up to a breathtaking skylight. If we ever want to relax. This is the place we are going. But unfortunately, it isn’t big enough for us to sit in. You might be curious why. Well, the answer is simple, you are looking at the inside of a guitar!

Countless Childhood Was Ruined By This

If these still haunt your nightmares, then you already know what this is.We are sure many of us have come face to face with this thing, it is the thing that haunts our nightmares and so it needs no introduction. For the people who have no idea what we are talking about this here an actual Furby but without its fur. I guess it’s just a “by” then. If you are curious how we are so sure, just look at those crazy eyes. It gives them away.

Some Abstract Art For You

This could honestly be a pretty neat piece of abstract art.While some may disagree, I think this could legit pass as a pretty neat example of abstract art. And as amazing that it would be if it were true. What you are witnessing right now even trumps any piece of art. This is what a human embryo looks like when observed under electron microscope