We believe in what we see, ain’t it? Well, I am sure that after seeing these photos either you’ll not believe your eyes anymore or start inspecting even, day to day things like a detective. As these photos are not extremely rare like the picture of the real Titanic sinking in the North Atlantic Ocean but are never seen before and equally capable of amazing you. Yeah! obviously, they’ll tease you…

It’s The Work Of Giants!

Contrary to popular belief, power line towers are not installed by giants working for the city. Contrary to what many of the people believe, powerlines tower that can be seen erect at even the most remote places are not installed by the giants who have been employed by the city. In fact, you have helicopters to thank for the electricity that you are enjoying right now.

Is This What Mt. Everest’s Summit Looks Like?

In case you were wondering what it looks like on top of Mt. Everest.I think it’s fair to assume that most of us are wondering this is what a snowy mountains top must look like, right? The number of flags that are populating this place looks absolutely amazing. But It also serves as a reminder that time for sitting on your dreams is over, you need to start working right now!!

Future Soldiers!

The government is beginning to figure out how to make super soldiers. It seems that the government had finally figured out how to produce super soldiers on a mass scale. While that would be awesome, we also hope that it isn’t true. For now, can anyone guess what actually happened to this guy here? IF you are confused, this is what a cyclist’s legs look like after Tour de France.

Ummm, We Don’t Even Know

This is the new stunning make-up collection from Tiger Woods that women are dying to get their hands on.From what we can guess this looks like the amazing makeup collection that has just been put out for a very limited time by tiger woods, women are figuratively dying to snatch one of these from the golf course near your place. Confused? We this is what insides of a golf ball look like so obviously you will only find it in your nearest golf course.

It’s Humongous!!

If you've never been close to one of these, then you have no clue how big the truly are.One has to come really close to these things, in order to realize how big they really are. It is just one of the many humongous blades that can be found on a wind turbine. Though we aren’t completely sure what something like this is doing in the middle of the city?

Time Traveler’s Trinket?

This was confiscated from someone claiming that they had figured out time travel.This is an article that is claimed to be confiscated from someone who was allegedly a time traveler. But that isn’t true at all, what you are looking at right now are the insides of a CT scanner. Amazing isn’t it? We’re sure if we hooked up some flux condensers to it, we might actually be able to time travel through it.