Chevy SSR – A convertible or a roadster?

Chevy had always wanted to recreate a vehicle the looked similar to the El Camino. Chevy decided to produce a vehicle called the SSR which is inspired by trucks in the 1950’s. It has an impressive 300 horsepower V8, but only manages at 7.7 second 0-60mph time. It disappointed many buyers who felt let down by such an atrocious engine. This vehicle can be concluded as being one that is beautiful to look at but horrible to actually drive.

Scion Hako Coupe Concept Car

The Scion brand decided to take one more risk with the Scion Hako Coupe. They decided to create a Box style body but did not reach the level of expectation. This vehicle was supposed to generate sales from youngsters but they could not be fooled either. Even the design team did a terrible job just by looking at the orange color. The Hako model is such a flop that it is no surprise people were reluctant to buy it.

Nissan Murano Cross-Cabriolet

Nissan like other car companies were rushing to try new things and be extra innovative. Nissan decided that it was time to change up the Murano crossover by taking the top off! This created a huge puzzle in the heads of the public. Murano Cross-Cabriolet lost all of its key components as a sports utility car and was clearly not accepted by the public. The Murano basically took every aspect of a crossover car and transformed into a tall convertible.

Lincoln Blackwood

Lincoln wanted to be an exceptionally special luxury pick up truck. The car was all black with the pinstriping aiming to please investment banker suits. The interior of the truck was technologically very advanced with gadgets all around. But sadly Lincoln ended up producing a pretentious concept car. Since it lacked the essence of a pickup truck, it was not useful for people to buy. Lincoln then sold only 20% of its product followed quickly by a discount.

Chevrolet Volt 

Electrical cars have now become very popular among the public but is certainly not the end of the search for environmentally friendly cars. The Chevrolet Volt had the potential of being the first electric car to have an appealing design. The public was waiting for a fun looking car that could be efficient in saving energy and fuel. In the end, the company did not manage to get the interest of the public with the Chevrolet Volt as they had hoped. It was promising but the final execution left people with dissatisfaction.

Dodge Charger

Dodge had the idea of putting out a new car the resembled the original muscle car. There were speculations that it would resemble the Chevy Corvette, but with more aggression and edge. The public fell in love with the car in its initial introduction. When Charger was released, 7 years had passed and was not what people remembered at all. They were clearly not content with the new car. The basic look of the concept car went down the drain and now the car was not in the original design leaving the public very unhappy.