Maddie, a 12-year-old kid was going on a picnic with her mother and little sister. She was very happy as this was after such a long time she was going on a trip with her family. But her much awaited and happy day soon turned into a gloomy one when her mother tried to help a victim of an accident. Whereas the woman was out, a man forcefully got into the car and locked it from inside. Now there was only Maddie and her younger sister in the car with a person high on substance. It was then Maddie did something unbelievable to save her sister.

Easter Weekend

It was a pleasantly sunny day. A perfect day to go on a picnic with the family. Maddie and her 7-year-old sister Mollie had been waiting impatiently for the Easter weekend as their mom, Brandie had promised to take them to an amusement park. So, the day was finally there. Needless to say that the duo was very happy and excited about the trip. They knew that the day was special.  

Much Needed Time

Brandie too needed some time off her busy schedule. She had not spent good time with her family for a long time. It was a perfect opportunity for her to get engaged with her daughters. So, the trio did all the preparation and got into the car. Brandie kickstarted her car not knowing that she was driving her self and her children towards an unexpected destiny. 

Speeding Off…..

The trio fit themselves into the car and headed off to the amusement park, Williamsburg, Virginia. Mollie could not hold her excitement as she always wanted to go to one. The Busch Gardens was about half an hour away from their home. As the holiday season was going on, there was not much traffic on the road.

Memory Forever

It was going exactly just the way they had planned. Whereas Brandie was busy driving that day, Maddie clicked lots of pictures in the car. However, on moving little further they got caught in a traffic jam. It was weird as to why was there so much traffic on a holiday. She soon learned that a car crash had caused the traffic jam.   

An Accident

While crossing John Taylor Highway and Greensprings Plantation Drive, Brandie saw an accident on one of its corners. The car was in a poor condition. There was no one else except them on the road. Despite the fact that they were getting late for the garden, Brandie decided to help the victims out. She came out of her car and ran to the spot to see if anyone was hurt. That is exactly where she made the mistake. As the car was completely flipped upside down, she had to pull the car over.    

Weird Behaviour

Luckily she had a first aid box inside the car. There was a man inside the car. He seemed unconscious so Brandie called 911 for help. In a matter of a second, the man jumped out of the car in “Dukes of Hazzard-style.”  It was weird for all of them but soon they realized why did he do that.