He Won’t Wake Up

0010-shaking-babyThe zookeeper cautiously moved towards the baby elephant. At first, he tried to wake Max up by delicately trying to move Max, but, it took him an instant to realize the fact that he had to come up with another idea in order to brighten the chances of waking the elephant up. Consequently, he decided to put his hand under Max’s body in order to get some activity from the elephant. Sadly, these attempts by the zookeeper went in vain as Max hadn’t shown an inch of movement which only led to worry and tension getting spread across the whole area and in the minds of the zookeepers. In a final desperate attempt to wake the baby up, the zookeeper nudged Max harder continuously for a short period of time. Alas! the result was the same, no response from Max. But, what happened next will shock you completely.

A Sigh Of Relief

0011-waking-babyThe incident which occurred in the zoo saw a lot of onlookers from outside the Elephant Valley apart from mother elephant, Janita, and the zookeepers. The onlookers too had the same expression of fear and gloom on their faces similar to that of the Janita and the zookeepers. They were constantly praying for the well-being of Max and hoped for the best despite the series of disheartening events such as the failed attempts by the zookeeper. One thing that they could not fathom was the fact that the zookeeper who had been giving it all to wake Max up all of a sudden walked away carrying a smile on his face. They got their answers in the most joyous and unexpected of ways when they saw baby Max getting up from his static state and move around as nothing had happened to him. It was a soothing sight after all the worry and fear that had been lingering around for the past hour or two. If you are thinking that the whole matter ended peacefully, then you are wrong.

The Controversy

0014-touching-heartsA video of the whole incident was uploaded online, and this is from where things went controversial. The episode that took place in the Prague zoo was so catchy and dramatic that the video has received more than a million views since the day it was uploaded. Well, the people who uploaded the video had the intent of portraying the virtues of love and warmth, but, they were surprised when they saw the video garnering a lot of controversies and negative reviews apart from some people who genuinely liked the video and reacted in a way that the people who uploaded it had expected. Things went worse when viewers started complaining that the content displayed in the video was disturbing. But, which part of the whole incident had triggered such an outrage by the people.

Really Just Sleeping?

0012-happy-ending“After a day’s ‘work’ sometimes [the calf] sleeps so soundly his mother can’t wake him up, but the keepers are always there to help,” aren’t these lines acting like a summary of the whole incident which took place in the zoo? Obviously, yes, and the reason is them being the description of the video on the YouTube. Looking at the video normally, there doesn’t seem anything which should disturb or hurt somebody’s feeling. As the ending of the video was a very happy one with the zookeepers walking with baby Max and his mother Janita ecstatically after long hours of fear and disappointment. But, it was a minor aspect and one that needs a very keen eye to be observed was the cause of unrest among the people. Read on to find out…

Abusive Or Not?

0015-elephant-goadIt was when the zookeeper heard Janita’s call and came to the rescue of her son Max that the people noticed something peculiar. Actually, the thing that struck out was the equipment that the zookeepers carried with themselves while on their way towards the baby elephant. Tools infamous for committing atrocities on elephants like elephant goads and bullhooks could easily be seen in the hands of the helpers. A segment of experts also considers these tools to be something used to train elephants rather than abusing them. Unfortunately, the video saw itself stuck amidst the comments of the people who held negative thoughts towards the whole act. The whole matter turned up into a specimen for speculation by both the negative and positive view holders.

Only Precautions

0017-protectionThe video turned into a battleground for a tussle between two parties with opposite opinions. Comments like, “they have to carry hooks in case something should go wrong. Those are wild animals after all,” and “even at my zoo, they must carry them… just for safety, and those elephants are tame as” popped up. All in all, it was a conflict of the views whether the tools were precautionary or abusive with respect to elephants. Some even said that such tools were used in zoos across the world and it was not a big deal that the zookeepers of the Prague Zoo were carrying it with themselves. Amidst this tug of war one thing that everyone was neglecting was the fact that Max was safe and sound. The brief period for which Max was laying on the ground was extremely testing for Janita, but, thankfully she is now living a peaceful life with her son in the zoo.