Welcoming signboards are one of the most pleasing things that we find at the airports. From professionals to family, we’ve noticed all kinds of the signboard on the airports. Doesn’t that make one feel like an important person in his/her loved ones’ lives? It surely does! Well, neither will we think so anymore, nor will you as after going through the next few images your thinking about airport signs are going to change forever.

Family members, as well as friends, don’t miss on a single chance to make us feel embarrassed, whether it be intentionally or unintentionally. We all are now used to such situations but these are just too funny to not share with you. From cute to funny to meaningless to overexcited everything is a part of our today’s list. Yes, these are just hilarious and we hope this never happens to you or us either.

Don’t Mess With Her

Make some way princess will not wait! One should walk with an attitude like this little girl or should prefer to stay at home. Well, the girl is not only creative but also aware of our latest trend of cutting down every word and bring a shortcut out of it. Her father is certainly in the military as she seems to miss him way too much. With that sweet face, she deserves to show that signboard anyway. We hope her daddy brings her all the presents she asked for as this princess will not settle for chocolates.

Sparkly Idiot

Will it be alright if we say that the princess’s tantrum was better than an idiot’s action? With no doubts, we’ll be choosing the previous girl’s poster over this one. Getting a picture clicked with that signboard and holding it upside down. Not her fault at all, she is just at the airport to pick up an idiot. All we wonder is if she is like this then what about the person who is actually an idiot? They could be hired for the next “Dumb And Dumber.” Whatever it may be, one thing is for sure that the person she is here to pick up is either going to laugh or regret so badly.

Too Expressive

At least they are being honest here. Everybody knows what a house without a mother looks like. While the daughter makes an obvious signboard, her father for a change came up with one of the most honest signboards we’ve ever seen. They have ordered enough times and now they just can’t stay without her anymore. In any way, it’s nice to see people having fun with their family members. Their mother should not go on their words as this could also be a sweet little prank. We really hope it is a prank and when they take her home its all cleaned up and tidy. Just think how heartwarming it’ll be for their mother.

Innocent Truth

Unaware of all the goods and bads far from all the worries of the world. You don’t have to think too much about it. At first, even we thought that a kid cannot be as stupid as that. He isn’t stupid, that’s how childhood is like, full of innocence. Remember yourself as a kid? When nobody thought before saying and repeating what they’ve just heard. He should not be grounded for his sweet gesture even though his mother has to face a bit of embarrassment for it.

Ignore The Grammar

Blessed is their dad to have two adorable little beings patiently waiting for him. These kids are waiting for quite a few hours at the airport and this is clearly visible on their faces. No doubts, that the guy’s favorite superhero is Captain America and he thinks of his daddy as the same. They’ve not done anything wrong if they forgot the difference between you’re and your when even adults do it too!

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This is the true side of brother-sister love. Admit it, you just love to tease them and this is a perfect way to do it. After coming back home from a long flight this will be an instant realization for them that yes, they are again with their family. You are there waiting for them at the airport and at the same time, you have this signboard in your hands. Will your sibling hug you first or hit you first?