In the city of Como, Italy, construction workers were taken aback when they discovered something astonishing buried under the soil. This 19th century Cressoni Theater was under excavation when these workers found something lurking inside the depth of the earth. Confused and worried they decided to leave the discovery to the hands of experts who could tell what it actually was. The experts weren’t expecting anything exceptional but they were proved wrong when they found out what an amazing thing it was that had managed to stay hidden for centuries. So what was it? You’ll find out soon…

Land Of Wonders

Image: Bert Kaufmann
Italy is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A land filled with beautiful landscapes and food, this place also holds an incredible history that has baffled archeologists and scientists for years and still continues to do so. This place draws thousands of tourists annually because of a very simple reason, which is this place’s amazing history that has so many forms. Tourists just can’t get enough of this place.