Started To Spread Everywhere

Image: Sebastiano del Piombo

In no time, this cultural revolution started to cross the borders of the Italian Peninsula. Renaissance expanded rapidly across Europe. Not only art and science were experiencing great changes but people started to move out in search of unexplored places. It was during this period Christopher Columbus discovered America. It was because of the Renaissance the world watched such changes and it was during this time only, the city of Como started to hide something from the world which was later discovered by a few construction workers.

New Form Of Art Image: Fabrizio Villa/Getty Images

With science advancing to the next stage and artworks reaching to other people, the Renaissance also brought a new form of art in front of people which we know as opera. In this new art form, the performers combine the dance, music, and poetry together. This art form was loved all over Italy and soon reached other places too. Though it was majorly performed for courts but realizing the potential and love for the art, people started performing in front of the general public too.

Most Popular Art

Opera soon became the most sought after art which was enjoyed by everybody. The combination of music, dance, and poetry brought the lovers of different sections of art together.  In 1870, when people saw the potential this art form had and it was then in Como, the famous Cressoni Theater was built. This theatre began showcasing famous productions like Rigoletto and The Barber of Seville and several others. This theatre was big and along with opera, people came here to watch wrestling and magic shows. Who could have thought that after such a long time people are gonna discover something this huge?

The Evolution

In 1913, the Cressoni became a cinema theatre and stayed the same for years until one day it was permanently closed in 1977. Then, after that, the theater was abandoned by its owner for more than 20 years. Let’s fast forward to September 2018, when the famous Cressoni Theatre was again in demand and the reason is just amazing. This was something really unexpected.

Present Takes Over The Past

The Cressoni site was abandoned for twenty years now, and it was then the city decided to tear down the place. This place has a history that goes way back to the 19th century. As they say, to welcome something new, you should leave the past behind. Same was happening to this popular theatre. But beneath the theatre, there was something that changed the history of the world.

Stop! The Excavation

In 2018, the construction of a new building started on the Cressoni site. The workers were ordered to bring down the Cressoni site so that something new and fresh could be built on the same site where for years this theatre stood tall. But then the demolition came to a halt when they discovered something strange in the soil. What was that?