In the city of Como, Italy, construction workers were taken aback when they discovered something astonishing buried under the soil. This 19th century Cressoni Theater was under excavation when these workers found something lurking inside the depth of the earth. Confused and worried they decided to leave the discovery to the hands of experts who could tell what it actually was. The experts weren’t expecting anything exceptional but they were proved wrong when they found out what an amazing thing it was that had managed to stay hidden for centuries. So what was it? You’ll find out soon…

Land Of Wonders

Image: Bert Kaufmann
Italy is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A land filled with beautiful landscapes and food, this place also holds an incredible history that has baffled archeologists and scientists for years and still continues to do so. This place draws thousands of tourists annually because of a very simple reason, which is this place’s amazing history that has so many forms. Tourists just can’t get enough of this place.

Historical Land

Image: Trougnouf

If you want to know about the history of the world then we think you should start with Italy, as it has been the trailblazer that gave the new definition to world history. According to the legends, Italy’s capital Rome has a very interesting story behind it. The most popular and heard is the Roman myth of two brothers Romulus and Remus, who are said to be the founders of Rome. The story states that this twin duo was left abandoned in the jungle and a wolf took care of them until they were ready to build an empire. Soon, jealousy took over them and the feud between two brothers grew stronger. They had an argument over the name of the city and it was then Romulus lost control and killed his brother Remus. The name Rome is influenced by Romulus but this story is just a myth there is no hard evidence present. But that day something was present that changed everything…

Other Famous Cities

Other than Rome, the Italian Peninsula which once served as the seat of the successful and highly influential, Roman Empire. The Roman Empire lasted for five centuries! The empire was able to expand its wings from North Africa and the Middle East up to Britain. The Roman Empire is considered as one of the most successful empires in the chapters of world history. It is believed that around 21 percent of the world’s population thrived under its rule. And this should not come as a surprise because for five centuries there have been some great rulers that ruled the empire.

Famous Leaders

Leaders like Julius Caesar, Nero, and Caligula. Through these leaders, the empire was able to expand its wings across every domain they could. With time the Roman Empire came into contact with several great figures like Egypt’s Cleopatra, queen Boudica of Britannia and Jesus Christ. The Romans not only gave the history new meaning but they even gave a new oath to humanity, sanitation, and central heating. Indeed, the Roman Empire dominated the whole world that what all we know about the world today is because of this empire’s existence.

Got A Little Stronger Image: Leonardo da Vinci

Post-empire of the Roman Empire, the cultures of the Italian Peninsula didn’t stop as being the one the defines the history of the world but, in the 14th century, it grew into something more. During this period, the empire began to influence the world through art and science. This shift is popularly known as the Italian Renaissance period that still surrounds us today. For three centuries, the Renaissance produced endless artworks, including the famous painting of Leonardo da Vinci, the Mona Lisa. This time the discovery which was made by these workers was far more interesting than the painting.

Literature Found New Meaning

Just like artworks, literary works were spreading like fire all over the world. People started reading about things they weren’t aware of like, the famous Polish mathematician Nicolaus Copernicus who first suggested the theory of the model of the universe where he said that the sun was at the center and all other planets revolve around it. Theories like these made people think out of the box. In literature, the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri became really popular among the general public. But what happened when this new culture started to spread?