11 December of 2014 was quite special for Massachusetts’ people. Otherwise quite Massachusetts State House took the world by surprise when something unexpected was pulled out of its walls. The house was undergoing some construction work when the workers spotted a box buried inside one of its walls. It wasn’t an ordinary box but a time capsule. The witnesses were hardly over it when they got struck by another. What do you think the time capsule had? Well, you won’t believe what remained hidden inside the box for two centuries. The content made experts go frenzy and the witnesses had their mouth wide open when the box got unlocked.

Massachusetts State House

The construction of Massachusetts State House began in 1795. The building was designed by Charles Bulfinch. It consists of the Massachusetts General Court and the Governor of Massachusetts’ offices. It took three years to get completed. It is situated in the Beacon Hill that is next to Boston. It was after many years the house was undergoing any maintenance repair.

Cow Pasture Land

Did you know that the land, State House is built on was once used as a cow pasture by John Hancock, the first elected governor of Massachusetts? Hancock gave his land for the construction of this historical monument. What makes the building more captivating is its golden dome. Yes! The state house is highly renowned for its golden dome that makes the building even more beautiful.

Winter Has Come

Winter had spread out all over Massachusetts and so the entire state was covered with snow. The building too was blanketed with snow. No doubt, the maintenance work was going to take little extra time than usual. At that time no one had an inkling that these old walls were hiding an important part of TIME.

Maintenance Work

As the building had grown quite old, the maintenance department decided to get some of its part repaired. The crew got to the work the very next day not knowing they were going to make one of the biggest discoveries of the century. For now, all they knew was that they were going to demolish the walls of the house in order to build the new ones in their stead.  

Hitting The….?

One of the workers was dismantling one of its walls when his tool hit something hard placed inside the wall. He could not understand what exactly was there so he hit the wall once again to doublecheck. Again, that strange sound came out of the wall. The man immediately told his fellow workers about it.     

Nobody Knew

The workers talked to the staff about it. The staff too was as astonished as the workers were. They had no idea that there was something buried inside the wall all this while. So the staff asked them to scramble the object out. The curiosity had crept into each and every individual of the workers and staff.