One would wonder, how many times destiny would come and help you to find and meet that long lost friend you’ve always missed. This is one such story where fate pulls apart two very dear friends and then plays a strange game with them.

Nichole was a lover of dogs and once she had her own house she wanted to adopt one. She never knew what destiny had in store for her. Yes, she did and they were best of friends.

The Story

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This is about Nichole Grimes and Chole, two best friends. They were both living a happy life until things turned to a dark road and they had to separate. Nichole missed her friend and desperately wanted her back in her life.

Impossible Desire

Though Nichole deeply desired to meet her best friend again, she also knew that it would never be possible for her to see Chole. Time passed and the thought of meeting her friend got buried away but then what happened was nothing less than a miracle. 

Why This Attachment

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Many people wondered why Nichole was so deeply attached to her dog, Chole. Though she never treated Chole as a pet. There was a reason why she was so close to her pet and why she couldn’t forget her even after years of separation. 

Nichole’s Grandma

Nichole’s grandma loved her a lot and with Nichole’s birthday approaching, she wanted to gift her something that would fill her life with joy and happiness. Something that she would love and be loved back from. All she could think of was one thing. 

Birthday Gift

Chole was a gift to Nichole from her grandma and this was the reason behind her being so deeply attached to the dog. Nichole had just turned ten and the puppy was the best present she had ever received. Nichole’s love for her pet was evident and they were now best friends. 

The Name

She was so much in love with the puppy that she gave her a part of her own name. Nichole, for the puppy, became Chole. The name itself gave testimony of their love. The name was suggested by her grandma as she wanted them to be connected in some way and Nichole loved the idea